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Coordinator-Specific Materials

A Handy Guide For New History Coordinators

An overview of some of the things that you might be expected to do and guidance if you are new to the role of history coordinator.

Complete School History Audit

A whole-school audit that shows you where your strengths are and coverage, supported by guidance notes and reflection pages.

Teacher Topic Packs

A set of documents clearly explaining the rationale for the setting of each topic, previous learning, comparisons that can be made, progression of skills and future learning for KS2 topics.

Pupil Voice for KS1 and KS2

A set of questions for KS1 and KS2 to gauge history across your school. A great resource for seeing the strengths in your school.

Progression of Skills Document

Progression of Skills.PNG

An exemplar Progression of Skills Document covering the basic skills from EYFS to Y6.

Whole School Resources

KS2 World History Timeline


A classroom-sized display of the major civilisations covered throughout KS2 with printing instructions and an editable version.

Food Throughout History eBook

An eBook that details the types of food, drinks and collection methods of a number of different societies throughout history.

History Rocks Box!

Cover image.png
Cover image 2.png

A unique, customisable and engaging way of helping to teach knowledge and skills using a simple cardboard box!

Interactive Whole School Resources

History Vocabulary Builder

An interactive PowerPoint that helps children learn some of the more abstract vocabulary across history. Great as a time-filler.

KS2 Topic Specific Vocabulary Pack

Each topic has 20 words linked to it, allowing you to bring in the word or the definition first. Great for reinforcing topic vocabulary.

Cause and Effect Interactive

Cause and Effect complete.png

Explore a variety of causes and effects throughout numerous KS2 topics to embed this often tricky concept.

Significant Individuals Interactive

Investigate over 150 significant individuals from a multitude of classifications, bringing in the information when YOU want it.

History Skills and Concepts Interactive

History Skills.JPG

Learn about the disciplinary skills of history through each topic, providing questions that can be tailored to suit your own content and an example of how each skill can be applied in each topic.

Empire Game KS2


Learn about how empires are created, choosing whether to trade with or invade areas to increase your resources! Experiential-based learning for the whole class!

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