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To enable teachers to make the most effective use of their topics, they should understand what children have learnt previously and how that imapcts on future learning. This ENORMOUS document shows:

  • WHY each topic is in the year group that it is

  • WHAT the children have previously learned

  • CONTEXT for teachers for that particular topic including comparisons that can be made to previous learning

  • SKILLS progression - what they have covered so far, what is expected this year and how it impacts on next year's learning in history

Handing something like this to teachers will give them a starting point for teaching their topic - they will know what to build on, how to build on it and where the children should be at the end, ready to learn the next thing. It will help them if they are questioned by Ofsted and you will know that everybody has the same knowledge about the topics in the past, present and future.

It will also give you some reassurance that you and have supported your teachers if questioned by Ofsted on the kinds of supporting materials you have given.

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