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My name is Glenn Carter and I run History Rocks - Creative Primary History!

I am currently a full time teacher and history coordinator in the North East of England. I am a member of the Historical Association's Primary Committee and I provide specialist primary history support for Education Durham.
I also provide CPD in person and online remotely to help coordinators and staff to develop their abilities to deliver quality history lessons and planning.

As well as creating content and support for the above organisations, I have also worked with numerous educational companies to not only support them, but to bring history to the forefront of the curriculum, creating workshops, resources, blogs and providing subject knowledge to enhance their experiences.

History Rocks started as a few songs that I wrote for class assemblies. I would write the music and the lyrics and then post them onto the website. After starting the Facebook page, I began receiving a few requests to create custom songs. I added lyric videos to them and created the YouTube channel.

After delivering some CPD sessions nationally, I decided to build content for the website and provide as many useful (and FREE) resources for both teachers and coordinators as I could.

Although the vast majority of resources on the website have been made by myself, there have been a small handful of people who have completed projects or provided materials or consultation for things.

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