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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Planning


A free and adaptable set of planning that contains an entire term's worth of lessons about the settlement and struggles of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Anglo-Saxon Religion: Secret Agent Monk Force

A fun an engaging lesson that explores the changes in Anglo-Saxon religion by becoming a Secret Agent!

Viking Explorers: Raid or Trade?

Experience the voyages of the Vikings and decide whether you will raid or trade with people...and live with the consequences! This interactive game will teach children about the places the Vikings visited and how to balance their voyaging styles.

Viking QR Code Trail

Children explore the incredible world of the Vikings in an interactive treasure trail, answering questions and reading about a variety of aspects about Viking life and culture.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Quiz

AS and V.png

A fun, editable 50-question quiz that is great for embedding knowledge and revisiting content. Scores are calculated and up to 5 teams can play at once.

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