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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Planning

Anglo-Saxons and Scots Planning (Intended For Y5)

Please note that this planning is intended for my OWN school but can be used as a basis for your own planning, free of charge.

This planning looks at the settlement of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in Britain and considers whether Britain 'benefited' from their settlement over the Roman settlement. The aim is for them to see what the Romans did for Britain, but how little of it remained once they had left, leading to the creation of 'English' and 'Scottish' identity under the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. This will then feed into the Anglo-Saxon and Viking unit that proceeds it. This planning comes with PowerPoints, worksheets, the enquiry framework, crib sheet and knowledge reminder sheets. All of these documents can be edited to suit your own school and curriculum.

This planning relies heavily on the book 'A Street Through Time' and I would highly recommend purchasing it. Personally, I would buy the digital Kindle version so that you can take screenshots and place them onto the PowerPoints so that all of the children can see it. This is what I have done in my OWN version of the planning, but I have removed the images from the PowerPoints in the Shared version as they are not my images to share. You can of course search for images of the book on Google and the preview on Amazon features most/all of the images you need anyway.

I am happy to send the resources to accompany this planning, just send a message through the Contact page stating which set of planning and an email address. A GoogleDrive link will be sent to you to access these resources, so please check your inbox, spam and junk folders shortly after sending your email.

There is also reference to and their incredible 3D scenes about Sutton Hoo. This is a subscription-based site with over 1,200 3D scenes for history, geography and science, but you can find an alternative free 3D model of the Sutton Hoo helmet on

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