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History should be fun, engaging and have a sense of purpose. You will learn how to inject creativity into your history curriculum, then beam with pride as your class devour topic after topic, unable to contain themselves as they approach their next history lesson!


Remote sessions via Skype, Zoom, Teams etc. have proved to be VERY popular as they are easy to use and a time can be arranged that is convenient for both parties. These sessions can be delivered 1:1, in small groups or to a whole staff. Both school-booked and individual payments are welcomed.

CPD CAN be delivered in person, but only if you are within around 30mins of the Middlesbrough area (for after school sessions) or if half-term dates are staggered and I am off when you are still at school (I am currently a full-time teacher!)

Topics that can be covered:

  • Creating a coherent curriculum

  • Historical Enquiry and Assessment

  • New subject leader training

  • Cross-curricular activities

  • Building up a bank of resources (physical and digital)

  • The best apps and technology for supporting history

  • Hands-on and creative activities

  • Skills and concepts in history - what are they?

  • Help with planning units of work

  • What is creativity in history?

  • Subject Knowledge sessions - (KS2 National Curriculum topics)

  • General help that is tailored to YOUR needs

Please feel free to send requests down below if you require something else or want to query something in particular:

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