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Post-1066 Study - The Victorians and the British Empire

Post 1066 Study - The Victorians and the British Empire
(Intended for Y6)

Please note that this planning is intended for my OWN school but can be used as a basis for your own planning, free of charge.

This planning tackles the Post-1066 study of the British Empire under the Victorians. The main purpose of this is to build on the children's knowledge of 'empire' learnt about during the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians and making comparisons between them. Given that it is aimed at Y6, it tackles the more complex and questionable elements of 'empire' and culminates with the views of historians about the British Empire, its impact and its legacy, whether that be positive or negative. This planning includes the planning for each lesson, resources for each lesson, an enquiry framework and a crib sheet for children tor ecord the core knowledge for each lesson.

I am happy to send the resources to accompany this planning, just send a message through the Contact page stating which set of planning and an email address. A GoogleDrive link will be sent to you to access these resources, so please check your inbox, spam and junk folders shortly after sending your email.

Some external resources requiring subscriptions or payment in this planning include:
BBC's The British Empire Magazine


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