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History Songs

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Here you'll find all of the historical songs and lyrics in editable Word format.

Greeks - Zeus

Greeks - Savage Spartans

Romans - Off To War

Stone Age - The Stone Age Sucks!

Stone Age - Inventions

Stone Age - Painting

Vikings - Viking Warriors

You can download each song individually by selecting the song and clicking 'Download' in red.

Anglo-Saxons - I'm An Anglo-Saxon

Scottish History - Here Come The Victorians

Middle Ages - The Plague

Normans - Castles

Ancient Civilisations - Islamic Thinkers

WWII - The Blitzed Brits

Victorians - Dance, Darwin

Maya - Gods And Sacrifice

Victorians - Seaside Holidays

20th Century - The Titanic

Stuarts - The Great Fire Of London

Romans - Roman Britain

Ancient Egyptians - Mummies

American History - The American Revolution

British Monarchy - Kings and Queens

Vikings - Viking Boast Battle

A few brief notes

Savage Spartans - The line '300 against a million' refers to the final 300 or so Greek warriors that chose to stay to allow the other thousands of Greek soldiers to escape back to warn other parts of Greece. The exact number of troops that the Persians had is estimated to have been around 150,000 to 250,000, but with added baggage carts, slaves, families, other individuals and animals, some estimates put this towards the one million mark. There were NOT one million Persian soldiers.

Anglo-Saxons - There is some debate about the number of kingdoms set up in England by the Anglo-Saxons. Some dissect it into a heptarchy of 7 kingdoms whilst others place it at 5. This should be mentioned to the children so that they are aware of the potential different numbers that they may see.

Maya - Although the Maya did practice sacrifices, the extent to which they did should not be confused with the Aztecs who practised it more widely. The term 'Maya' should also be used instead of 'Mayan' as 'Mayan' refers to the language. I recorded this before I was fully aware of that fact and the changing of a single word would mean rerecording the entire song again and I do not have the original recordings due to a computer upgrade.

British Monarchy - This was a commissioned song that wanted to focus on the start of the monarchy from Norman Britain onwards. The line 'William started it in 1066' refers to the start of British kings and queens FROM the Norman period. There were other kings of England BEFORE William the Conqueror. This should be explained to the children so that they understand.

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