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Ancient Romans and Roman Britain

The Roman Empire And Roman Britain Planning

A free and adaptable set of planning that contains a number of lessons focused on the lives of the Romans, comparing them with a variety of aspects of Iron Age Britain and their impact.

Roman Britain QR Code Trail

A highly engaging treasure hunt-style activity that exposes the children to a number of aspects about Roman history using iPads and QR codes.

Boudica Primary Source Analysis Pack

A pack of resources to help teach children about primary sources and the reliability of them. Includes scaffolding and questioning to improve understanding so that it is suitable for LKS2.

Emperor Of Rome Interactive Game

An incredibly engaging interactive that allows children to take command as a Roman Emperor! They must make decisions and try to keep balance between different factions whilst dealing with the consequences.

Ancient Romans Quiz


A fun, editable 50-question quiz that is great for embedding knowledge and revisiting content. Scores are calculated and up to 5 teams can play at once.

Ancient Roman Sources

Sources Pic.PNG

A collection of links to potentially useful sources that can be analysed with your class.

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