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The Roman Empire And Roman Britain Planning

The Roman Empire And Roman Britain (Intended For Y4)

Please note that this planning is intended for my OWN school but can be used as a basis for your own planning, free of charge.

The aim of this planning is the look at the role of the Roman Empire in bringing changes to Iron Age Britain and assessing its overall impact. It starts by exploring what an 'empire' actually is before looking at the chronological narratives of Rome in the wider world and then events in Roman Britain. Lessons then spend some time look at the impact of Roman achievements, society, housing and religion on Iron Age Britain, concluding with sources of evidence around Cartimandua and Boudicca and looking at remains all over Britain that demonstrate its impact. There is constant referral back to the Iron Age in Britain that has been learned previously to provide a sense of continuity and change and context.

You may wonder why there isn't as much focus on some of the typical 'Roman' elements such as the Colosseum, gladiators, the army etc. and this is because we tend to cover those things in a 'Roman day', visits, comprehensions and generally just throughout the topic, watching videos or exploring 3D scenes as a reward or if we have a few minutes spare somewhere.

This also comes with an Enquiry Framework document showing how each lesson fits together to answer the main statement about the topic, helping to keep it coherent and purposeful as well as a Crib Sheet to help record the most important knowledge from each lesson. There is also a rationale for the enquiry and alternative questions/statements that could be used or tweaked.

This planning is DETAILED as it provides subject knowledge within the planning document.

I am happy to send the resources to accompany this planning, just send a message through the Contact page stating which set of planning and an email address. A GoogleDrive link will be sent to you to access these resources, so please check your inbox, spam and junk folders shortly after sending your email.

Some external resources in this planning include: - Using Mozaik3D is a game-changer for bringing history to life!
A Street Through Time - Buy on Amazon here
Roman Britain - OS Map - Buy on Amazon here

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