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The single LARGEST resource I have ever made. With over 500 slides, this interactive resource details 8 different disciplinary skills linked to history for KS1 and KS2. Topics include:

  • Stone Age to Iron Age

  • Romans

  • Anglo-Saxons

  • Vikings

  • Greeks

  • Egyptians

  • Shang Dynasty

  • Benin

  • Maya

  • Early Islam

  • General

  • KS1

You can look at each skill directly or use the Random buttons to choose either a skill or an element of a specific skill at random. Examples are included on most pages except for the General topic as I have no idea what kinds of content people may be involved within them. Example content has been selected as some of the most common content taught within that topic.

Pack includes:

  • History Skills and Concepts Interactive PowerPoint

  • Setup Instructions

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