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Providing a clear and concise layout, this eBook details some of the different food and drinks of a variety of different civilisations and time periods. Each period covers the same aspects so that it is easy to compare the food, drink, meals and methods of collection across multiple periods.

You can download this onto an iPad (as an eBook) and it works great on Apple Books or download the PDF version to use through Adobe or a browser. Use it for research purposes or to read as a class to support your topic.

Hyperlinks to appropriate websites provide extra content and a list of books (with appropriate page numbers) is also given for the free app Epic! (Available on Android and iOS through an Educators account.)

Periods covered:

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Prehistoric Britain

  • Roman Britain

  • Ancient Maya

  • Ancient Greece

  • Anglo-Saxon Britain

  • Viking Britain

  • Victorian Britain

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