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Empire Game KS2

​​An interactive PowerPoint where YOU create an empire by choosing whether to trade or invade the areas around you, managing your resources and keeping your increasing population happy.

This resource is designed to teach children about how empires work and the needs of them. It is designed to be challenging so that simply invading everywhere isn't feasible, some trading will have to occur. Children will learn how armies require resources, how unhappy populations can rebel and how balancing the needs of the people can make or break an empire.

This resource is featured in my 'Roman Empire and its impact on Britain' planning. It is generic though and can be used to help teach about any empire.

Included in this resource is the game itself and the tutorial video (above) that explains how some of the mechanics of the game work and how to set the game up correctly.

NOTE: This only works on Windows-based PCs and laptops, NOT on Apple Macs or iPads. When you have finished a game, DO NOT save it as your current resource levels will be saved rather than resetting.

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