Ancient Greeks Planning

The Ancient Greeks Planning (Intended For Y5)

Please note that this planning is intended for my OWN school but can be used as a basis for your own planning, free of charge.

The purpose of this planning is to investigate the achievements of the Greeks and their impact on the western world, as well as looking at their culture and daily lives, culminating in a debate about whether Greek achievements are overrated or not. There is a focus on archaeological evidence of their achievements and impacts, the legacy that the Greeks hold in popular opinion and how much they owed their successes to other people as well. This planning comes with a number of supporting PowerPoints and worksheets for most lessons and  also comes with an Enquiry Framework document showing how each lesson fits together to answer the main statement about the topic, helping to keep it coherent and purposeful. There is also a rationale for the enquiry and alternative questions/statements that could be used or tweaked. Also included is a 'Crib Sheet' to make notes about the core information needed for the end of unit assessment, highlighting the key aspects of learning from this unit.

This planning is VERY detailed and includes a whole host of subject knowledge within the planning, which is often replicated (but simplified) on the accompanying resources for the children to learn and use.

I am happy to send the resources to accompany this planning, just send a message using the form through the Contact page stating which set of planning and an email address. A GoogleDrive link will be sent to you to access these resources, so please check your inbox, spam and junk folders shortly after sending your email.

Some external resources in this planning includes: