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Changes in seaside holidays

Changes in seaside holidays planning

Please note that this planning is intended for my OWN school but can be used as a basis for your own planning, free of charge.

A popular topic amongst KS1, this set of planning is very much a local topic for us where many of the children have actually been to the two main places that we compare: Redcar and Saltburn. My advice, if you are thinking of doing this topic, is to make it relevant for your children - take out Redcar and Saltburn and add in your own local seaside towns. If there aren't any local seaside towns near you or many of your children have never experienced the seaside, then perhaps there needs to be thought on whether it is a suitable or relevant topic to be teaching in your school.

The idea behind this planning is for the children to understand how seaside holidays have changed through the viewpoint of their own local area. Using 'beyond living memory' to look at how these areas originally developed then helps contextualise their growth then decline 'within living memory' due to holidays abroad. THe main aim is for them to see that our own area was once a popular tourist destination which has declined since the 1960s, much of which they can still see today when they go there. The main skills included within this relate to continuity and change, cause and effect and significance.

If you would like the accompanying resources for this planning, then please feel free to contact me through the Contact page, stating which topic resources you would like.

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