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Bringing history to life with technology

Technology is one of the GREATEST assets that we can possibly utilise to help instill a passion or ignite a flame inside of children to engage them and make them WANT to learn about history.

At some point in virtually EVERY history lesson that I teach, I've got some sort of technology there, ready at my fingertips to unleash and amaze with. Whether it be an incredible 3D model, an augmented reality mummy or a crystal clear visual tool, there is always something to hook the children and create that engagement.

This 3D model of a Roman Soldier is SO much more engaging than just a picture

I still use PowerPoints, flipcharts, books and videos like everybody else. There's nothing wrong with those things and they help to get the information across. But we should look to amaze, inspire and enthuse our classes with so much more than a simple picture or PowerPoint. Look at the screenshots in this article - which do you think the children would prefer seeing? A standalone picture? Or interactive, jaw-dropping 3D representations that can be rotated, zoomed in on or appear from the sheet like magic? I know which I'd rather have had when I was at school!

Bring history to life with augemented reality and watch history spring up in front of your class!

If you have access to iPads and computers, let the children use them instead of just worksheets or workbooks. Let them investigate apps, websites and programs and add an interactive element to your lessons. No matter what you have access to, technology can be used to inspire and engage.

What kinds of technology have you used in your history sessions?

For more infromation about some of the technological resources that I use in lessons, send me a message through my Contact Page or through my Facebook page and I can give you details about my CPD session about Bringing History To Life Using The BEST Apps.


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